SAMKRG PISTONS AND RINGS is a leading manufacturer and suppliers of Pistons, Piston Pins & Piston Rings for gasoline and diesel I.C Engines for Scooters, Motorcycles, Cars, Tractors, Light Commercial Vehicles, Stationary Engines and other special applications from 35 mm to 130 mm diameter.

Pistons with different crown shapes are manufacturing with Asymmetric & Symmetric profiles using eutectic and hyper eutectic Aluminum Alloy with Silicon Content in the required compositions and microstructure.  Tin coating, Molly coating, Graphite coating, Hard Anodizing and chrome plating are done on pistons for improved performance as per the customer requirement.

Piston Foundry

image1 diecasting diecasting_2
Al - Alloy Induction Melting Furnace Crown up Twin Die Casting Machine - Japan Design Semi Auto - Crown UpTilting Die 
Casting M/c- for Ring Carrier & 
Diesel Pistons - German Design

Piston Machining

  semiauto_boring axis_cnc.jpg
Piston Machining -Cell Manufacturing Facility - 18 Cells Located in 2 Plants Six Station Semi Auto Boring M/c. Camless Turning 4 Axis CNC Machine Takisawa - Japan

Inspection & Testing Facilities - Piston

contour_roughness_tester roundness_tester combustion_chamber2comdustion_chamber
Contour and Roundness Tester - Tokyo Seimitsu Co.(TSK) - Japan Roundness Tester Tokyo TSK - Tokyo Seimitsu Co. - Japan Combustion Chamber Checking - Qualigen, U.K.

Inspection & Testing Facilities - Piston Assembly

dynamometer engine_testring