Rapid Prototype Development & Lead Time

Rapid prototyping is a critical tool in SAMKRG’s arsenal, which we greatly use to accelerate our product development and develop a high-quality and defect-free auto piston, car piston, tractor piston, motorcycle piston, and other critical automotive parts of a vehicle. Rapid prototyping puts everyone on equal footing in evaluating designs.

At SAMKRG, we have a stringent process of evaluating our design process. As prototypes are handy at design reviews, we make sure that every aspect of design taken care of before the product goes for final production. Driven by amazing growth in computing advancements, rapid prototyping has decreased the overall time to complete the new product. It helps in incorporating the changes instantly by implementing the feedback given by our customers. The product design keeps on improving with iterations, helping SAMKRG develop competitive products with higher and better acceptance rates. Prototyping helps in developing customized products as per customer’s requirement. As the materials available for rapid prototyping closely resembles the properties and strength of the actual product, it makes it possible to perform physical tests easily that helps identify the risks of faults and usability issues before the manufacturing process starts.

In a cut-throat competitive environment, the tool of rapid prototyping helps in developing innovative products cost-effectively. It gives SAMKRG an edge in manufacturing pistons, piston rings and other automotive products for 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler and other vehicle manufacturing companies.

Period in week days
W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6
Design Product, Foundry mould /  cores, M/C Shop Toolings using ProE, Cad systems
Material Procurement / Sub Supplier  part development
Development, Manufacture of mould,  core, jig fixture using CNC /  Conventional machines using DRO      
Assembly of tooling and tune up  Machines      
Modification and approval of toolings, jigs & fixtures for 1st batch of samples, casting & machining        
Preparation of samples inspection  reports of Piston, Pin & Rings and  submission of samples