About us

SAMKRG manufactures and markets a wide array of engineered Pistons, Piston Pins, Piston Rings & Circlips for the automotive markets. The company has grown in strong markets and maintained profitability in economic downturns making its business units better leaders in their niche markets.

Our strategy of a shared vision - Innovation, Diversity and Excellence enables it to deliver the ultimate in quality products and services, introduced and engineered in the last several years.

Compliance to TS: 16949, ISO 9001 Quality systems and ISO14001 AND OHSAS 18001 has only enhanced our compliance to safety standards as we now find newer and better ways for improving our internal processes, designed to select, assess and develop our people as process owners. The accent is on the optimization of available resources, i.e. the utilization of the TOTAL person and not just the competencies necessary to execute the current mission.

Company and the mother plant is located close to Hyderabad (Base for Information Technology) in central part of India and other two manufacturing units, Piston rings and another piston plant close to Vishakapatnam - India's biggest sea port city. All the Four units strategically located close to Air port (International) and Sea port.

Strong leaders in OEM & After market of domestic and overseas markets, now exporting 25% to developed countries.

Through the years, a strong commitment to customer service and strong dedication to technological innovation has made us a recognized leader in the automotive markets it serves.